Artistic Statement

I compose eclectically polystylistic music fueled by rhythmic drive and melodic infatuation. My acoustic works are fueled by nostalgia and whimsy, and my electronic works range from creating sonic worlds by exploring single sound sources to writing dreamlike narratives using everyday sounds. The threads that tie my music together are familiarity and craftsmanship. I strive to create music that is at once novel and conventional. In acoustic works, this often translates into the usage of American hymnody; in electronic works I often use identifiable field recordings. I imagine my artistic process as being analogous to building furniture, a hobby of mine. Both require a similar sense of artistry, if different tools to realize the notion. Often while working on a particularly thorny bit of music I will retreat to another creative endeavor, such as refinishing a chair, and when I return to composing I will find that the music has worked itself out.