Melodic Line

Today's canceled classes freed up some good composing time, which allowed me to finally put together what will likely be the melodic framework.

SN-Semper Reformanda 1/29/10 by Kyle Vanderburg

More actual work

I remember, about a year ago, discussing deadlines with my undergraduate advisor, Carlyle Sharpe. Or more accurately, we were discussing the composer's ability to miss deadlines.

I can't imagine why I would bring that store up now.

HOWEVER, despite the hiatus on this project, I am now working on it full-time. While I don't have anything to show tonight, I can say that at this point it will be roughly seven minutes long, which is around 300 bars at quarter=166. I will have the melody/basic shape finished early this week, and will be posting a Scorch file as soon as I'm ready to share.

If everything goes according to plan, next weekend will be spent writing a harmonic language for the work, and the next few weeks will be spent orchestrating.

Twenty days until deadline.

Kyle Vanderburg