Screwing up is the real mother of invention…

As chronicled in my last post, in the massive amount of shuffling around that has happened to KyleVanderburg.Net lately (and and and and and…) I managed to drop the wrong database, losing all of the posts from Poor Little Misled Notes. Did I have a backup? Of course not. The entire KyleVanderburg.Net server structure is a wonderfully convoluted system that I sometimes copy to an external drive if it's a full moon and the planets are aligned. And backing up things like databases (which run the ~8 WordPress blogs, applications like my library and photo album, the Vandermusik billing system, and of course the KV.Net core)…who backs up databases? I mean, who would be so stupid as to accidentally delete…


So in a blazing moment of clarity (and by that, I mean an evening of binge-coding) I wrote a file-copying-database-exporting backup script. It's ugly. It's weird. Any real programmer would have an aneurysm. But it works.

I was going to post news about the ongoing piano sonata, but SVU is on and I want a sandwich.


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Well, Great…

Guess who deleted his entire WordPress backend database!? That's right! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

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Kyle Vanderburg