The Treehouse

One of my projects this summer (one that took way too long), was finally moving closer to campus. My old apartment was great, but it was a 3 bedroom/2 bath, and the rent kept going up and my income…didn’t, and I had to drive to campus every day, and it just stopped being a good deal about halfway through last year. So Steven and I decided to rent the second story of the house that he was living in. It’s this big old house built in the 30s, and the top floor used to be a boarding house of some sort. It’s up in the trees and it has plenty of windows, prompting our landlord to call it the “Treehouse”, a name that’s stuck. So let’s look around.

From the front porch, you immediately find this set of stairs, and if you climb those, you get to the bedrooms and music room. The music room is kind of this awkwardly-sized space with washer and dryer hookups, and we just kind of use it for storage…of harpsichords and pianos and clavichords.

Music Room

Around the corner, there’s my bedroom, complete with keyboards, and…a server cabinet.

 My Room

From there, we have this really cool hallway that stretches most of the length of the apartment. The checkerboard tile is pretty great. It’s also worth mentioning that the first time we looked at this place, I took off my shoes and slid down this hallway.


Since this house used to be a boarding house, it used to have residents with interesting names. Our landlord kept this nameplate (and blue door) when he remodeled, and our office has now become the Grundle.


Sharing a home office is something I’ve never had to get used to. While at Drury, my office was always my room. In the old apartment, I had a dedicated office and no one around. So fitting all of our combined musical and technological stuff has been fun. The desk(s) by the window are mine.

My Desk

And here’s Steven’s.

 Steven's Desk

The office has a butler’s pantry to the kitchen, which we use as a coffee/tea/espresso bar.

 Butler's Pantry

The kitchen also has that awesome checkerboard tile.


And two kitchen tables, because, why not?


And finally we make it to the living room, which is rather…eclectic. I think anything with a plaid couch is eclectic.

 Living Room

And here’s the view from that plaid couch.

 Living Room TV

So yeah. This is where I live now. And write music. And put off writing music.

Soon I’ll be updating y’all on the progress of Pipe Dreams—It’s coming along rather nicely!

Kyle Vanderburg