Spring Performances

As I was updating my events page last week, I noticed that there's a lot going on in the next few months. Here's a hopefully comprehensive list of those performances.

2/19/13: Tuesday Noon Concert at OU's Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. I realize this was yesterday, but it happened, so I'm putting it here. I presented Drones as part of the Computer Music Studio's presentation in the Tuesday Noon concert series.

3/3/13: David Ikard's Lecture Recital on Água Eletrônica. Although Dave wrote the piece and it's his lecture recital, it involves a second performances of the only known work for water percussion and electronics, which runs on my code. Sunday, March 3, 8pm, Pitman Recital Hall at Catlett Music Center, OU.

3/8/13: Student Research and Performance Day. I'm presenting a poster on the form and sonic generation of my Creatures from the Black Bassoon. Friday, March 8, 12-4pm, National Weather Center, OU.

3/10/13: Family Day at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. As part of the FJJMA's efforts to buy Ed Ruscha's No Man's Land, the museum has commissioned a new work for piano trio. My Over Every Open Field for piano, flute, and clarinet will be performed at 1:30 and 2:30 pm, in the Sandy Bell Gallery of the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, OU.

It looks like I get the rest of March off. Then it's

4/7/13: DMA Recital. I present a variety of music in my continued attempts to prove that I'm awesome and to convince five people to give me a doctorate. The program will include the following: Drones, Creatures from the Black Bassoon, Blueprints of Eternity, Caffeination, Over Every Open Field, Electronic Variations, and Daydreams of Arcadia. Sunday, April 7, 8pm, Pitman Recital Hall, Catlett Music Center, OU.

4/11/13: Inner sOUndscapes. The Computer Music Studio presents a variety of new music for instrument and electronics, including my Electronic Variations for piano and live interaction. Thursday, April 11, 8pm, Pitman Recital Hall, Catlett Music Center, OU.

4/12/13: SCI Region IV Conference. I will present Creatures from the Black Bassoon at Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa. Friday, April 12, 2pm, Clarke University.

And then? And then I think I spend the rest of April sitting on the deck looking at trees.

Kyle Vanderburg