Rearranging the studio

Wow, I really suck at blogging. I'll get better at that.

The big-ish news I've been meaning to post for a while (read: forever) is rearranging my home studio. David Ikard rearranged his earlier this summer, and not wanting to be left behind, I decided that I should update mine as well. For one, I have these really awesome bookshelves/speaker stands I built when I was supposed to be studying for general exams.

The stain is a bit darker than my desk, and they've been varnished since I took this picture. Anyway, with my homemade desk and L-shaped desk setup, I had no real place to put those speakers. And it was a mess.

So, following Stephen King's advice about putting your desk in the corner (or, in my case, against a wall) instead of out in the open, I got rid of the L-shaped desk (sort of, it's in my bedroom as a computer workstation desk), opened up the floor a lot, brought in a couple of comfortable chairs, and did my best to reduce the clutter, and here's what I ended up with.
Office 2013 Reorganization

The indirect lighting and rug are nice touches. The office has also not been that clean since I took the picture. The third frame that says WHAT is for my next recital poster, once I get that designed.

Anyway, after that I took a vacation back home, only to return to find my computer had died. It was annoying, but after replacing the power supply, motherboard, processor, and RAM, it's back to new, and no longer looks like this:

As far as school goes, I no longer have any real classes, so I get to spend my four-day weekend writing. I've honed in on a one-movement symphony, which is slowly coming along.

Meanwhile, it's game day in Norman, and I'm going to brave the traffic to get away from campus.

Decorative element
Kyle Vanderburg