Things that are going on while I should be dissertating.

I've been hard at work on the dissertation/symphony (symphontation? disserphony?) and I'll be posting some clips today or tomorrow, but here's what's going on in VanderLand:

I've submitted applications to faculty vacancies at Wash U. and Columbia. There's a music tech position I have my eye on at MO Western, and I'll be putting that together soon.

I've decided that my lecture recital is going to cover Over Every Open Field as well as AXIS, my Xbox instrument. Which is good, since that happens in less than a month (!!!)

I'm coming real close to finishing up my rehearsal scheduling helper, and that's going to be a fairly big deal once I get it working and clean it up and release it. It's likely going to replace Hammer as my CMS, and will probably involve a commercial offering.

My sleep schedule is totally whack, which is why I'm blogging at 1 in the morning instead of sleeping. I'm trying to rein it back in, but it's a difficult process.

I went to my first (and likely only) OU football game, so I can finally no longer say that I've been here 5 years without seeing a single game.

I've been making fun of everyone doing their general exams right now, instead of doing them in the Spring like I did. Especially you, Ikard.

Soooo yeah, that's what's been going on here. No fancy pictures this time, sorry.

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