Composition and Tech Updates

I've been fairly quiet lately while I've been transitioning to a new position and updating some code. So here's what's going on in the Vanderverse!

AudioAtlas has been updated with geolocation (finding where you are), geocoding (finding where you want), and new map tiles (yay Bing!). There's a bit of stuff to fix on the backend, but otherwise it's ready for release.

ScoreShare is chugging along with no issues.

I've coded a wiki into Hammer, and this will contain information about all sorts of interesting things, once I fill it up.

One of my big projects this week has been coding an API for Hammer, since it's probable that most of the websites using Hammer won't be on the same server, so direct DB access isn't ideal. An early version is running, which will be up on Cassie's new site whenever I publish that.

On the music side of things, I've been working on a work for the International Clarinet Association's composition contest, with varying degrees of success. That's the biggest thing on my plate at the moment, but it's coming along.


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