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Updates to Composition pages

I hadn't realized that my clarinet and live electronics work Crosswinds took as much out of me as it did, and once I got that one performance-ready, I took a short moratorium on more writing. Instead, I did some website housekeeping, and introduced some substantial upgrades. Overall, I added some breadcrumb menus, like the one you see above, for better navigation through the entire site. With a few exceptions, they now appear everywhere.

Most of my work went into the Composition pages, starting with a revised color scheme for the complete catalog. I'm not sure that I'll keep it, but I think it's an improvement. Within each individual composition page there are some changes that I find pretty cool. The components of the page (program note, media, performances) have larger headers and an icon now, and some improved display logic only shows components that have content. For example, there is a new Awards component that appears if a work has been granted an award.

There's also a new Perusal Score component, which embeds an Issuu document, allowing you to see the score as printed. The Buying Options component now allows for some cleaner buying options, and I'm in the process of adding a bunch of never-before-available offers. I've started using a new score distribution system, and I'm excited to try it out. But one of my favorite parts of the new composition page is that it now includes an in-page menu that links to the various components. This menu travels with page scrolling, and highlights where you are in the page. Also, now all the embedded bandcamp plugins match. Let me know what you think!