New works available!

Thanks to some recent updates, I'm able to offer some new buying options that weren't available before!

The acousmatic works Blueprints of Eternity, Creatures from the Black Bassoon, Off the Hook, and Reverie of Solitude have always been available through Bandcamp, but are now available directly from their composition pages. And now, the laptop ensemble work Your Call Could Not Be Completed As Dialed is also available.

There are several works for large ensemble that I'm updating, including the Symphony, Pipe Dreams, Some Assembly Required, and Palilalia, and I hope to have new digital buying options available for those items soon.

There are also new digital buying options for almost every piece available in my catalog. Most of the newer chamber works are still available through J.W. Pepper and SheetMusicPlus, but nearly all of my works are now available for immediate download through Gumroad.

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Kyle Vanderburg