Hello world

This, like many things, is an experiment. And because it's my experiment, it has a silly name. Maybe it'll change later, or maybe it won't.

I've been reading Austin Cleon's book Show Your Work (the sequel to his book Steal like an Artist), and I've been intrigued with the idea of opening my creative process and having a stream-of-consciousness repository that I can reference.

Last year, I read Eric Abrahamson's and David H. Freedman's A Perfect Mess, which tackles “the hidden benefits of disorder”. Connections between ideas are made when ideas are accessible, and organizing those ideas into too strict of a system can prevent some valuable connections from being made.

While news, substantial updates, and new pieces will be announced on the regular blog, OpenKyle will be a mess by design. Works in progress, Ideas for pieces or piece titles, programming code, current listening/reading, and oddball thoughts will find their way here. I've made it as easy as possible to integrate this system with my workflow, so I'll probably be posting often.

Welcome to my mess.