“Tape Piece” selected for La Hora Acusmática

I’m spending the week working on some publishing updates, getting some scores up and ready to distribute, and finishing up an orchestra piece, But meanwhile, from the inbox this week:

Dear artist

After an arduous task by our evaluation commission, the works listed below have been selected for our “Fourth Cycle of Virtual Concerts” of “La Hora Acusmática”.

We will shortly send you the schedule of the four concerts planned for 2024.


.Works selected:

“Flutervoice II”     Gustavo Chab
“Hiperaural”     Ricardo De Armas
“Fire and dice 2014”     Eric Delgado
“Spider web”     Benjamin Fuhrman
“Beyond 88”      Mattew Lam
“Noturno”     Eduardo Nespoli
“Bayou”      Michael Rosas Cobian
“Post Anthropocene”     Edmar Soria
“Tape piece”     Kyle Vandenburg
“Glitch Mass”     Davide Vannuccini
“Abedul”    Cami Albarracin
“7 minutes of recistance”     Cristian Biasin
“Filo entre los espacios”     Francis Rodriguez
“Sancocho”     Sergio Flórez Rincón
“Mental upgrade”     Simón Hutchinson
“Antithesis”     Maxwell Miller
“Onirico y perpetuo”     Rafael de Rioja
“Grind”     Droki Ouro
“Parallaxe Parataxe”     Nicola Cappeletti
“Watching time”     Adolfo Núñez
“Granciporro”     Leonardo Vita
“Thales from Dylawerson”     Onur Dülger
Ausdrüecke – Jakob Gruchmann
“Bound”     Lack Ballard
“Cloud chamber Remix” Heinz-Josef Florian
“Theurgy”     Elliot Yair Hernández López
“Mutations”     David Jason Snow
“Digital Hymn”     Masafumi Oda
“Dolente”     Piotr Pawlik
“Dim life”     Seokmin Kang
“Le bruit de suspirs”     Roxanne Turcotte
“YTEcho”     Andreja Andric

Decorative element
Kyle Vanderburg