I like working with new ideas which borrow from multiple fields--Here's a sample of some recent artistic line-blurring:

Cloud Music, which uses cloud computing to create a work based on realtime audience participation.

Cascades, a sonification of climate data provided by the South Central Client Adaptation Science Center.

Calibrating the Moon, a work inspired by NASA's ARCSTONE project

Remnants of Creation, a fixed media piece composed from recycling noises recorded at Tulsa Recycle and Transfer.

Some general categories and ideas are shown below, but I'm always interested in new opportunities and collaborations.


I've given talks about the creative process in music (including a pedagogical model of my own devising), composition curricular development, web design, musician productivity, composer branding, and cloud computing with audience interaction. A lot of that info lives over at


I'm always interested in being commissioned to create new works. Like, that's my thing. Most of my music is pretty rhythmic--I'm in love with mixed meter. Also, most of it draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources. Some examples:

Snow (After all, I live in Fargo): Thaw, Drift.

Politics: Earmarks.

NASA: Calibrating the Moon.

Psychology: Cryptomnesia, Metanoia. (alternatively: fun Greek words).

Sound: Tape Piece, Tempest in a Teakettle.

Trying to be Aaron Copland: One Sows for the Benefit of Another Age.


I spend a lot of time thinking about process--both the creative sort, which results in art, but also the administrative sort. Through my company, NoteForge, I produce a web app named Liszt, which automates tasks and tracks information for schools of music.

Other Fun Facts

I've taught courses in audio engineering, music theory, music entrepreneurship, orchestration, and of course composition. I often let my students choose their own curriculum.

I regularly work with programming in Max, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. 

I self-publish all my music.

I hold a graduate certificate in publishing at NDSU, and serve as assistant acquisitions editor of the NDSU Press.

Let's get started!

I can work within a range of budget options, and one of my current priorities is taking on interesting projects. To get started, send me an email or if you want to skip that, just schedule a meeting right now. 

Kyle Vanderburg