Works In Progress

Here's a list of the pieces that I'm currently working on, and a little information about all of them

Commissions and Projects

Recently Completed (12/31): Metanoia

Commissioned by the Hawley (MN) High School Band, Metanoia is a 4:30 grade IV mixed-media piece about change. Metanoia, from the Greek Meta meaning "beyond" and noia meaning "mind," the word generally means "changing one's mind," but the word is kind of fuzzy. In psychology, it represents a breakdown and healing process. In theology, it's a conversion or reformation. After the challenges we've encountered in 2020, something has definitely changed. But that change too is kind of fuzzy, and it will take some time to straighten all of that out.

Ongoing Projects

Fargo 1957

An opera based on the 1957 Fargo tornado