Works In Progress

Here's a list of the pieces that I'm currently working on, and a little information about all of them

Cloud Music

Improvised Audience Participation. The audience will have access to a website accessible by their mobile device, which will allow them to customize and launch "clouds"--simple sound sources that rise and fall--to a server in the computing cloud. A performance computer located on the stage will contact the server and pull a user-submitted cloud in real-time. If too many clouds occupy the same sonic space, they develop into a brief thunderstorm. Built in Max 7, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. Planned performance spring 2017, New Improv! Century Ensemble concert.

Albatross (Working Title)

Saxophone and Fixed Media. Currently in a heavily reworking stage. Commissioned by Andrew Allen at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas, for performance at the 2018 North American Saxophone Alliance (NASA) conference.


New orchestral work. Early planning stages. This is mostly where I'm storing all my good melodies for later use.

Pointless Haiku

Ongoing setting
of Walter Jordan's pointless
haiku to music.