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NDSU Event Policy

Draft Information

Listed below are the policies for automatic attendance tracking through Liszt.

Disputing Swipes

The preferred method of disputing swipes or correcting the ALGORITHM is by using the Dispute button in Liszt/

Peforming in events

If you are performing in an event, you don't have to swipe in. Credit will be assigned manually once I receive the program information from Amanda.

Swiping In


For events that happen in BRH or FCH, students must swipe in and out of the event. Swipes in will be counted from 30 minutes prior to an event's start time to five minutes after. For students who swipe in too early, a dispute can be filed through For students who swipe in too late, consult your applied instructor Events must have two swipes to be counted. We occasionally excuse first-semester freshmen for this occasionally, but do not count on it.


For events that happen off-site:

You may log in to from your mobile device and check in via geolocation.

  1. Navigate to the "Geo Check In" tab
  2. Tap "Search for login terminals"
  3. Grant Liszt access to your location
  4. Tap the green button that corresponds to your location. 

Missing Required Events

In the event you cannot attend a required event, your applied instructor may allow you to attend the dress rehearsal for credit. In this situation, your applied instructor may be able to grant you credit manually, or may ask that you be given credit. Student requests for credit will always be verified with the applied instructor.

Kyle Vanderburg