Clarinet and Piano ● Spring 2007 ● 10:00




Named after the Latin word for Friendship, Amicitia is a three movement clarinet solo written to imitate the concept of friendship. The first movement, in ternary form, emulates an acquaintance stage of friendship, introducing the themes that are used extensively throughout the other two movements. The harmonies used in this movement are more conservative, with fewer clashes. The second movement, through-composed, develops and builds on the material introduced in the first movement, much like two friends talking, and finding common interests. The third movement represents a longer, established friendship, symbolized by the more complex sonata form. The dissonances are bolder, and at times one instrument will start to stray from the established key area, until they are pulled back by the other. The melody is still largely borrowed from the material present in the first movement.


To Jenna Penick


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