Creatures from the Black Bassoon

Acousmatic ● Fall 2011 ● 8:30

Creatures from the Black Bassoon


7-9 minutes Acousmatic Electronic Fixed Media Stereo 


Creatures from the Black Bassoon is, as the title suggests, a virtual menagerie of beasts and environments fashioned entirely from processed and unprocessed sounds of the bassoon. Key clicks, reed squeaks and squawks, multiphonics, notes played through various stages of assembly and disassembly, and other traditional and extended techniques are organized by similar properties into species. Some of our creatures appear to be cute, chirpy, fuzzy critters, while others are vicious predators. These beings are placed in a number of tableaus of length devised by the golden ratio, with certain sections designated as "windows" with substantial contrast to the surrounding sections.



This title is not currently for sale. For more information, send me an email.

Additional Media


NoteForge (ASCAP)

Kyle Vanderburg