Tenor Saxophone and Percussion ● Fall 2018 ● 6:30



5-7 minutes Duet Percussion Tenor Saxophone 


Cryptomnesia, commissioned by Ryan Loken, is a dreamlike piece whose title I found while reading C.G. Jung's writings on dreams. Cryptomnesia--literally "secret memory"--is the return of a forgotten memory, presented in a way that makes it seem new. It's a terrifying phenomenon for those tasked with creating new material, such as writers, comedians, and composers, who may find that their next great idea is in reality a result of inadvertent plagiarism. This idea of a neglected recollection is explored through the form of the work. An idea is presented, it is forgotten, then it is remembered anew.


This title is not currently for sale. For more information, send me an email.


NoteForge (ASCAP)

Kyle Vanderburg