The Earth Shall Soon Dissolve Like Snow

Stereo Fixed Media ● Fall 2017 ● 6:30

The Earth Shall Soon Dissolve Like Snow


5-7 minutes Acousmatic Electronic Fixed Media Stereo 


This work gets its title from the first line of the sixth verse of Amazing Grace. I had been thinking about snow a lot when I started writing this piece, having just moved to North Dakota which gets its fair share of snow. I was surprised by the hymn's imagery of the end times being compared to snow melting rather than the normal fire and brimstone and doom. It's not exactly the picture one gets from Revelation, and spring in Fargo isn't exactly apocalyptic. The idea of a subtle Armageddon led me to ideas of a doomsday fueled by entropy, a glitchy cataclysm where time marches crunchily through the winter of eternity that winds down and gives way to a choir of heavenly--or heavily-processed--voices.



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NoteForge (ASCAP)

Kyle Vanderburg