You Can't Outrun Your Daydreams

Stereo Fixed Media ● Fall 2022 ● 10:00

You Can't Outrun Your Daydreams


9-11 minutes Acousmatic Electronic Fixed Media 


It happens to all of us: You’re in the middle of something, maybe even something important. You lose focus for an instant, and you find yourself on a new train of thought, along for the ride. Your default mode network takes over, and now you’re in a daydream. Maybe you’ll end up on a beach, or an alpine village. Maybe you’ll find yourself on the metro in an unfamiliar town. Or maybe you’ll be attacked by a cacophony of unfamiliar noises, with brief returns to the here and the now. But there’s no escape: When your mind wanders, it brings you along.



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NoteForge (ASCAP)

Kyle Vanderburg