Your Call Could Not Be Completed As Dialed

Laptop Ensemble ● Spring 2014 ● Open




"Your Call Could Not Be Completed As Dialed" is an improvisatory work for laptop ensemble that uses the American off-hook telephone warning tone (a combination of 1400 Hz, 2060 Hz, 2450 Hz, and 2600 Hz), which is designed to draw attention to a phone handset left off-hook for an extended time. The sound is used in this work to desensitize the listener from the sound and explore its sonic properties through basic electronic manipulation. All performers utilize the same instrument/patch with little direction except that the work should begin and end with the unaltered warning tone. This work also exists in fixed media form, titled "Off the Hook"



This title is not currently for sale. For more information, send me an email.


NoteForge (ASCAP)

Kyle Vanderburg