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Composer and Sound Artist Kyle Vanderburg (b. 1986) grew up in southeast Missouri where the Ozark foothills meet the Mississippi River valley. Raised on southern gospel and American hymnody, his music walks the line between eliciting nostalgia and devising innovative sonic worlds. His electronic works often play with familiar sounds in new contexts (like a teakettle that turns into a thunderstorm, or duct tape that brings about the apocalypse); his acoustic works feature memorable melodies and a very fluid sense of time.

Vanderburg's music has been heard abroad at conferences and festivals including the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS), the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF), the Symposium on Acoustic Ecology, the Matera Intermedia (MA/IN) Festival, the Diffrazioni Festival, Festival Futura, the North American Saxophone Alliance, ClarinetFest, Sonorities, and at other events across Europe, Australia, and the Americas. Some of his recent collaborations and performances have included a song cycle based on the poetry of Fargo poet Jamie Parsley (The Notes Between The Notes), a tuba sonata that takes as its subject NASA's Arcstone project (Calibrating the Moon), and research into the intersection of cloud computing and real-time audience collaboration (Cloud Music).

He holds degrees from Drury University (BA) and the University of Oklahoma (MM, DMA), and has studied under composers Carlyle Sharpe, Marvin Lamb, Konstantinos Karathanasis, and Roland Barrett. He has participated in composition masterclasses with David Maslanka, Chris Brubeck, Benjamin Broening, and others. An enthusiastic pedagogue of composition, Vanderburg has served on the faculty at the University of Oklahoma, Rose State College (OK), Randall University (OK), Valley City State University (ND), and North Dakota State University. He has presented his thoughts on teaching composition at the Aspen Composers Conference, the VU Symposium, and at various College Music Society regional and national conferences.

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Kyle Vanderburg's music is available through NoteForge. For more information about performing or commissioning my work, check out Collaboration.

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