Hi There!

I write acoustic and electronic music with plenty of time signatures and a healthy dose of nostalgia.

I teach Composition and Entrepreneurship at the Challey School of Music at North Dakota State University, and I run the composition program at Valley City State University.

I also run the musical workshop NoteForge, which publishes music, produces apps like Liszt, and generally makes sound happen.

My research interests involve composition pedagogy, the creative process, and the intersection between electronic music and cloud computing.

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Summer Travel, Creativity, and my Facebook News Feed

10/05/2019 12:06 AM

I realized in February or March of this year that I hadn’t been to any conferences during the 18-19 academic year. This bugged me. It’s hard to maintain a dialogue with other composers when you’re sitting in your office all the time. Of course, the Spring semester was filled with creating a composition lecture series […]

Spring 2019 Recap

07/01/2019 04:20 PM

It’s already July!? It’s already halfway through the summer semester! The spring semester has been my busiest semester as a professor. Let’s recap: At NDSU: I had a studio of 6 composers, 4 undergrads and 2 grads. I mentored the Freshman Theory II Composition Projects. I oversaw the Sophomore Theory IV Composition Projects. I taught […]

Cloud Music to be presented at 2019 VU Symposium

05/12/2019 06:12 PM

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be presenting Cloud Music: Audience participation in electronic music , at the the 2019 Vu 3 Symposium in Park City, Utah! Cloud Music is a work for audience participation and cloud computing. Audience members load a website on their mobile device, specify values, and then submit those values to […]

Tempest in a Teakettle accepted at NYCEMF/ICMC 2019

04/02/2019 03:22 PM

The New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF) is always a fun time with great music and incredible people. This year they’re hosting the International Computer Music Conference as well, and I’m pleased to announce that Tempest in a Teakettle, which I presented there in 2017, will be returning to the program for this year […]

Reverie of Solitude selected for Diffrazioni 2019

02/18/2019 04:53 AM

Dear Kyle Vanderburg, I am pleased to inform you that your work: REVERIE OF SOLITUDEwas selected for the third edition of Diffrazioni – Firenze Multimedia Festival – March 26-31, 2019 sound, light, art, technology, neuroscience, nanotechnology, robotics. in the category: ACOUSMATIC Congratulations! Best regards,  Alfonso Belfiore

Creativity November 2018: Finger Cymbals

11/27/2018 03:59 PM

It’s November, National Novel Writing Month, which means it’s time for another tape piece!* *For some of you this might seem to be a non-sequitur, so let me explain. While I was in Norman, our group would have a creativity pact every November. Walter (writer of some of my best program notes) would participate in […]

Every Version of Pipe Dreams Ever

10/22/2018 02:29 AM

Last week, Pipe Dreams–a piece I started writing in 2009, received its second premiere, this time by the NDSU Wind Symphony.  Second premiere? Am I even allowed to do that? Well, I did.  Pipe Dreams started out as the last thing I’d write as an undergrad, and the first thing I’d work on as a […]

Opportunities for Personal Growth

09/19/2018 01:25 PM

My parents and I watch a lot of procedural crime dramas. Law and Orders of all varieties, NCIS, CSI, The Closer, and recently CK and I discovered Crossing Lines on Netflix. But my parents are obsessed with Criminal Minds. It’s basically all they watch. They’re either watching Criminal Minds or going to Menards. In episode […]

The Massive 2018 Summer Update

09/01/2018 10:46 PM

CK and I agreed that we wouldn’t travel much this summer. Maybe a conference, visit some family, but no 25-state road trip and no taking 300 high schoolers to Europe. That idea was short lived, because here’s what we ended up doing: I’m going to paste a bunch of pictures, since I couldn’t do that […]

New program note for Earmarks

07/02/2018 03:29 PM

Earmarks was commissioned by the Boreas Ensemble at North Dakota State University, and despite my best efforts, it took on a vaguely political theme. In the early stages of writing this piece, I shared online the idea of writing a work for piano, clarinet, and saxophone where the piano played for as long as the […]