Current Courses

The University of Oklahoma

Spring 2017: Understanding Music (OU.MUNM1113.009, 010, and 012)
Spring 2017: Practicum in Music Theory II (OU.MUTH5822.001)
Spring 2017: Freshman/Sophomore Secondary Composition (OU.COMP2000.002)

Past Courses

The University of Oklahoma

Fall 2016: Understanding Music (OU.MUNM1113.008 and 010)
Fall 2016: Musical Structures V (OU.MUTH3512.001 and 002)
Fall 2016: Freshman/Sophomore Secondary Composition (OU.COMP2000.002)
Spring 2016: Understanding Music (OU.MUNM1113.902 and 903)
Fall 2015: Understanding Music (OU.MUNM1113.009 and 010)
Spring 2015: Understanding Music (OU.MUNM1113.902 and 903)
Fall 2014: Understanding Music (OU.MUNM1113.015 and 903)

Randall University

Spring 2015: Musical Structures III (RU.MUSI2503)
Spring 2015: Musical Structures I (RU.MUSI1503)

Rose State College

Fall 2015: Audio Engineering I (RSC.MUS2323)

Sample Syllabi

The following sample syllabi are proposed and/or actual courses and plans of study. Policies such as attendance, accommodations on disability, and academic integrity have been left out with the expectation that any school where these syllabi are used will have such policies, which the final syllabi will reference.


Syllabus for Composition (Secondary Area)
Syllabus for Composition (Major Area)
Syllabus for Music Technology Overview

Electronic Music

The following proposed courses are part of a possible electronic music sequence that covers basic and advanced signal processing, MIDI, recording, sound design, and historical context. Classes are split into the Programming and Studio tracks, and a possible minor in electronic music would be composed of classes from both tracks.

Programming Track

The programming track is designed to prepare students for building music applications in the Max programming language.
Syllabus for Introductory DSP: Fall of even-numbered years
Syllabus for MIDI: Spring of odd-numbered years
Syllabus for Advanced DSP: Fall of odd-numbered years
Syllabus for Interactive Performance: Spring of even-numbered years

Studio Track

The studio track is designed to equip students with practical skills in recording and sound design with an informed historical component. (These syllabi are not yet completed.)
Syllabus for History of Electroacoustic Music: Fall of even-numbered years
Syllabus for Recording Techniques: Spring of odd-numbered years
Syllabus for Sound Design: Fall of odd-numbered years