Thesis: 21 Days

It is terrifying to think that this piece is going to be done in less than three weeks. It's well on its way, with about half of it orchestrated and in Sibelius, but there's still plenty of work to be done with dynamics and accents on the front half and orchestration/scoring/Sibeliusing on the back half. That's the project for this weekend.

Earlier this week I ran into the now-obvious problem of having 16 channels of available sound, but having 44 staves (and therefore needing 44 channels). I eventually solved this by running multiple copies of the Garritan/Plogue ARIA engine. I'm using Garritan COMB2 (Concert and Marching Band) for my brass and sax sounds, Garritan GPO4 (Personal Orchestra) for my woodwinds and piano, and the built-in Sibelius soundset for percussion. So my audio playback device window looks like this:

I would show what my mixer window looks like, but I don't believe it will fit here.

There is still no word on the paper-size issue, which I hope gets cleared up this week. It would be nice to produce a thesis that can be, you know, read by humans. Until then, I'll continue to compose on tabloid-sized paper.

And here's what the score looks like, 21 days out:



Decorative element
Kyle Vanderburg