Workspace Upgrades

In the last installment of my adventures in workspaces, we were introduced to the new desk. Of course, all those pictures were taken in Poplar Bluff (where the post was written), and since then I've actually moved the desk to Norman (with a detour to Kansas to visit Amanda). But when we last saw the desk, it was…intact. Complete. When it arrived in Norman, it looked like this:

Or, perhaps to better see how it's folded,


SAM_0913So after getting the desk out of the car, getting it up the stairs to the apartment, and getting the office rearranged how I think I'll like it (mostly with the help of Steven Eiler), I have a new workspace. So here it is.

Home Studio Jan12 (5

The new desk gives me a larger working area (which will be great when I have to move everything off of it so I can use oversized staff paper), and moving the black bookcase closer to the desk makes paperwork far easier. There's not much new to say about the speakers and monitor, other than they work. Of course, with the new desk where the old desk used to sit, I had to move the old desk across the room. As it's L-shaped, there aren't a lot of great places to put such a desk. I played around with the idea of putting it next to the new desk and having an oversized work area, but I instead opted to put it across the room, allowing me to have two separate work areas.

Home Studio Jan12 7

Of course, this necessitated the moving of the keyboards to where the bookcase was, which meant the bookcase had to go where the black bookcase was, which meant the black bookcase had to go next to the L-desk. The Lesk, if you will. The Lesk also gives me room to put the laptop and tablet so they're out of my way while working on the desktop.

And that's the new setup. What do you think?