Summer Update

Hey everyone!


A lot has happened in the *cough*several*cough* months since I've updated the blog. Here's what's new in my world:


  1. I completed a couple of works in short order for some competitions, including Reactions for stereo fixed media and Mnemosyne for SATB choir and piano.
  2. Reactions was selected for Musinfo's Art & Science Days in Bourges, France in June.
  3. Cassie and I took a massive 25-state road trip from Oklahoma to Montana by way of Maine.
  4. Remnants of Creation was presented at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF).
  5. Caffeination was presented at the Great Plains Saxophone Workshop at OU in July.
  6. Reverie of Solitude was presented at the Australasian Computer Music Association's Sonic Environments conference in Brisbane, Australia.
  7. Reverie of Solitude was selected for performance on Radiophrenia (87.9 FM) in Glasgow, Scotland.
  8. Automation and Autonomy was selected for performance at the NoiseGate Festival in NYC in September, which is a joint effort of, among others, NYU and the UN Global Arts Initiative.
  9. Creatures from the Black Bassoon was selected for performance at the Diffrazioni Festival in Florence, Italy in October.

Meanwhile, I've written absolutely no music since June, and I'm starting to get antsy. So I have to go do that (and teach)

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Kyle Vanderburg